EcoMend | The Eco-Friendly Oil Absorbent

EcoMend can help transform your environment with it’s cutting-edge absorbent properties. Designed to effectively and naturally clean up contaminants, EcoMend harnesses the power of 100% organic, non-toxic peat moss to restore balance and purity to soil and water. Improve sustainability, enhance ecosystem health, and create a greener future with EcoMend’s innovative solution.

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Absorbency
  • Units per Pallet
EcoMend SKU
Units per Pallet
NS 22 2.2 cu ft 24.5 lbs 24.5 gallons 50
NS 30 3.0 cu ft 34.5 lbs 34.5 gallons 35
PC 10 55 cu ft 440 lbs 440 gallons 2